Food for Thought

I just realized that I have been very behind as a blogger.  My last post on this blog was more than a year ago.  While I consider myself still “active” in blogging,  I have to confess to my fellow bloggers that my energy has been diverted to writing and publishing books.  In the past year I have published four books, the first one being a cookbook which is now on and iBookstore:

Easy Chinese Home Cooking Recipes

My other published books are all related to my travels.

Today I suddenly turned “home” to write on this blog because there are quite a few friends who came to visit during the Labor Day holiday.  All of them asked about my books, and they are all surprised of my “achievement” of publishing a cookbook!  If you read the different recipes in this book, you will notice that the recipes are all about healthy eating.

I hope you will take a good look at my cookbook. The e-book on iBookstore is free.

Happy Labor day!  Happy reading, cooking and eating!

cookbook cover